Welcome to Cache Valley Heritage Co-op

“Children are an Heritage of the Lord ” Psalms 127:3

Our mission as a co-op of families is to be a support to each other in our individual family homeschools. As parents, youth, and students we will all help and support each other in teaching, planning, and implementing classes and activities at Heritage. We will strive to teach and create activities that foster a love of learning and strive to create an atmosphere of fun.

Heritage Co-op was created by community of homeschoolers to provide an uplifting environment for quality learning and a place to build lasting friendships for our children and families. Heritage classes focus on essential subjects while offering a variety of extra-curricular courses. We are a Christian centered co-op and subjects are taught with an LDS perspective while being open and welcoming to all.

Here are some quick facts while considering Heritage for your family:

Q&A What kind of classes are taught at Heritage? Each class has a carefully pre-chosen curriculum that provides an outstanding learning experience for the students. These classes are planned well in advance and build upon each other year after year. This provides a very cohesive flow and continued yearly progress for the kids attending the co-op.

What kind of volunteering opportunities are available? Classes are taught by a Lead-Teacher who will organize and prepare the course for the year. Parents will be given an opportunity to help as Assistants as needed in their children’s classes, and to fill in for the Lead-Teacher. Having well planned courses means less stressing about coming up with lesson plans and activities to teach. If you are asked to help guide the class everything is open and go! Also, there are a few time slots that have been deliberately left open as “Parent-Led Units” for parents who would like to teach a specific skill or class of their choosing and a time is provided to rotate opportunities through the year. These classes can run from 3 week to several months depending on the course. If you are interested in teaching a skill please talk to one of the administrators and we’ll put you on the schedule.

What does Heritage strive to offer its families socially? One of the greatest benefits of being a part of this small homeschool community are the wonderful friendships wich are built between the children and parents alike. Heritage offers a place to learn, grow, problem solve, and develop together. There are many opportunities throughout the year to gather as families for holiday parties, science excursions, field trips, and even a camp-out. We have had graduating seniors that have built friendships with-in the Heritage community that have lasted beyond them moving on into the next stages of their lives. Gaining real and lasting relationships has been one of the greatest blessings the families of Heritage have received. )